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Hospitality Management- Manger at Gustave Guesthouse and bar.

Gustave Guesthouse and bar is situated in Kenyasi 2 in Ahafo region of Ghana. It provides cheap hospitality services for visitors who have no other form of accommodation in the town. The roles include documenting and communicating actions to workers, taking stocks, and recording sales and rents.

Brands/Campaign Strategist - WOFEST’19, The Way Forward, The Different View and The Next Level Campaigns.

These series of events and campaigns were executed in my latter days as a student of Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ).
Focuses are placed on devising timelines and schedules, monitoring outlets and resources for campaign impact and progress, creating and monitoring publicity through advertisements and endorsements, utilizing team members to produce quality content for execution, identifying avenues and raising funding.

Freelance News Reporter

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